Rebuilding the site

Well, when you let your old blog languish for a few years, it’s going to get buggy. It’s going to get Japanese keyword hackers inserting links to Konica Minolta or some shit.

You gotta sell cameras somehow, I guess.

But in the dozen or so years I’ve been using WordPress, I’ve noticed there is, more recently, a protection racket out there for this. And my webhost offered me protection for something like $50 a month.

Given how infrequently I’ve used the old blog over the years, this did not seem worth it. So I saved my archives and nuked the site. Maybe they’ll come back soon, or maybe they won’t. I don’t know if those things have Konica Minolta or Canon links in them. And I’ve got too much on my plate to check.

Plus, let’s be honest: My old blog thoughts weren’t groundbreaking anyway. And I’m sure if you care to find them, they’re on the WayBackMachine.